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Armenian FM Oskanyan: We don´t Need to Discuss Genocide Issue

Jan SOYKOK (ANKARA) – Armenian Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanyan gave an interview to Zaman daily (Istanbul) and said “there is nothing new to say” on so-called genocide.

Oskanyan added:

“There is nothing new to say on this. There are countless studies on the subject and the events of 1915 have very clearly emerged. If the historians were to gather again, no one’s point of view would change. The specialists have been working. They’re done with their work. Now, it is essential that the Turkish government enter into this discussion. Why are we afraid of these discussions? Today, around the world, there are many countries with similar problems. Japan and South Korea, South Korea and China, Japan and the US, the US and Mexico, and others. These countries continue to have relations with each other, even as they continue to discuss these events. And they have fine relations.”

Dr. Nilgun Gulcan from International Strategic Research Organization (ISRO) said Oskanyan’s approach was a typical Armenian style:

“The relations between Turkish and Armenians are different than the Japanese-Korean or Americans-Mexicans. The Armenians have made anything possible to harm Turkish interests. Their aim is not to find the reality or discuss a historical matter. They purely attack the Turkish side. Japanese and Koreans also had historical misunderstandings and problems, however they continued to make economic or political co-operation. However there is a strong obsession in the Armenian side. They even cannot accept that the genocide allegations could be discussed. They are not open to discussion etc., because the genocide myth is a taboo in the Armenian diaspora and in Armenia. If you open the genocide issue to discuss, they think the Armenian identity would be harmed. They established the Armenian identity on hostility against the Turks.”

Dr. Gulcan also argued that the Armenian politicians abuse the problems:

“If the problems between Turks and Armenians are solved thousands of Armenians in Diaspora and in Armenia will lose their jobs, power, financial source and influence.”

26 January 2005

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