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MARSEILLE, JANUARY 20, ARMENPRESS: A French Armenian woman in Marseille who went on hunger strike on January 6 in the premises of an Armenian church to request a meeting with president Jacques Chirac whom she wants to put forth Turkey’s recognition of the 1915 Armenian genocide as precondition for joining the EU, said she ended the strike after persistent requests of her relatives who feared for her life.

The 50-year Koular Gharibian, a writer, had said she was outraged by debates in France over Turkey’s possible membership with the European Union. “Germany is part of the EU, but it had acknowledged the Holocaust and apologized to Jews ,” she was quoted by Nouvelles d’Armenie magazine as saying.

She first requested a meeting with Chirac in 2004 October announcing her decision to go on hunger strike if he refused to accept her.

She sent a second letter to Chirac before going on hunger strike saying she would end it after Chirac agrees to meet her and gives assurances that Turkey would be allowed to join the EU after recognizing the 1915 genocides and apologizing to Armenians.

Ending the hunger strike she called on French foreign minister urging him to push the government for asking Turkey to acknowledge the genocide.

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