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Two new legal proceedings against publisher Ragip Zarakolu in Turkey

Armenian News Network / Groong

January 11, 2005

By Mihran Toumajan

The Istanbul Public Prosecutor’s Office has started legal proceedings against Ragip Zarakolu, director of the Belge Publishing House for two books that he published.

George Jerjian’s book entitled “History Will Free All of Us / Turkish-Armenian Conciliation” is pursued under Article 159 of the Turkish Penal Code and the Law for Protecting Ataturk’s Memory. The Prosecutor considers an insult to the Turkish Republic and to Ataturk to claim that there were some people at the foundation of the Republic and around Ataturk who had responsibility for the 1915 Armenian Deportation.

Journalist Zulkuf Kisanak’s book entitled “Lost Villages” too is pursued under Article 159. The book relates the history of 14 out of 3,500 Kurdish villages that were evacuated by force between 1990 and 1995. The claim of the villagers that it was the Turkish State that burnt their villages is considered as an insult to the Turkish Republic.

Zarakolu has said that he will ask at the tribunal that these villagers be heared as witness. (Belge International Publishing, December 13, 2004)

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