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Armenian Weekly: Armenian People Support Turkey´s EU Bid

Agos, Armenian weekly newspaper published in Istanbul, Turkey, reported that Armenian public strongly supports Turkey’s EU membership.

Agos reported in its latest issue that Armenian people in Armenia welcomed Turkey’s success in the December 17 Brussels Summit.

However, the paper stressed, it is observed that Armenians living in France in Diaspora conducted campaigns against Turkey in this process:

“While the summit goes on, an Armenian group of approximately 2300 people have made a demonstration near the EU Council Building in Brussels. The group, asked the so- called Armenian Genocide to be recognized by Turkey before full membership talks, and asked EU not to accept the Turkish membership because Turkey has not shared the ideal of Europe.”

“Foreign Affairs Ministry of Armenia said “If Turkey meets all EU demands; the full membership of Turkey may also be beneficial for Armenia and may influence the region positively.” The government of Armenia argued that Turkey’s Armenian border is still closed unilaterally, and Turkey has placed punishment to the use of the term “genocide”. Armenian government added that Turkey asserted unacceptable pre-conditions to normalize the relations with his own country. Besides, Armenia said “if Turkey listens to the society of Europe, this will enable to overcome the obstacles and guarantee a durable stability and development.”

In a survey conducted by Armenian Strategic and National Research Center presided by Former Armenian Foreign Affairs Minister, Raffi Hovhannesyan, % 64 of 2000 Armenians from many different segments of the society were in favor of Turkey’s accession.

Besides, in the frame of this survey, 92 out of 100 experts supported the accession of Turkey to the EU.”

Turkey has two pre-conditions to normalize its relations with Armenia:

1) End Armenian occupation in Azerbaijani territories and do not attempt to change borders by force,

2) Recognize Turkey’s unity and national borders. Do all amendments that do not recognize Turkey’s national borders,

Armenian ‘genocide’ allegations are not a pre-condition for Turkey. However Turkey says a historical and intellectual matter should not be abused to prevent Turkish-Armenian relations. A Turkish official said “An EU member Turkey could be a great opportunity for Armenian Republic”.

Armenian forces still occupies about 20 per cent of Azerbaijani territories and 1 million Azerbaijanis became refugees after the occupation.

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