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irib: Armenia lauds current ties with Iran

Moscow, Jan 17 – Armenia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Vartan Oskanian said that his country’s relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran has been improving on a permanent basis throughout 2003, particularly economically.

In a communique issued by Oskanian on the foreign policy of Armenia during 2003, the Armenian Foreign Minister while surveying his country’s relations with the world countries, has referred to Iran as “a good neighbor and a regional strategic partner.”

According to the Regnom-Row internet site, the Armenian FM has in his communique initially sympathized with the Iranian government and nation on the sad occasion of the Bam earthquake disaster and referred to the Armenia’s humanitarian aid forwarded to Bam for the quake victims.

Oskanian has also referred to the constant visits of the two countries officials to each others’ capitals during 2003, arguing, “during the course of the past year the two countries signed a number of memoranda of understanding (MOUs) in various fields , including scientific, technological, energy, and academic cooperation between Yerevan and Tehran.

The Armenian Foreign Minister has referred to the border good exchange between the dwellers of the bordering provinces of the two republics during the past year and the two countries’ plans aimed to boosting border trade.

Oskanian has added, “Tehran-Yerevan cooperation in business and trade, and transportation fields, too, showed a rapidly rising trend in 2003 and the construction of new roads connecting the cities of the two neighboring countries has been and will be o ne of the priorities of both republics.”

He has concluded in his communique, “the implementation of major such joint infrastructure projects, as the Jakaran gas pipeline and the Aras river hydro-electrical power plant during the past year were the signs of the excellent and fruitful relations between the two neighboring republics.

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