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YEREVAN, JANUARY 8, ARMENPRESS: Armenian chess federation told Armenpress that Armenian prime-minister Andranik Margarian issued a decree proclaiming the 2004 the year of world twice chess champion Tigran Petrosian.

The International Chess Federation has also proclaimed 2004 the year of Tigran Petrosian.

Tigran Petrosian is considered by many to be one of the greatest players of all time. To many of his opponents, he was considered invincible.

Both of Petrosian’s parents died in W.W.II, and he spent much of his youth working to keep his remaining family together. He consoled himself with chess, but his development was not meteoric as one might expect.

His teacher taught him to regard the game deeply and to always remember the principles of Capablanca and Nimzowitsch. He held these views almost fanatically, especially the idea of preventing one’s opponent whenever and whenever possible.

His style of play was almost never overwhelming, but it was always convincing. His games were demonstrations of pure technique. As a world champion, his results in important tournaments were mediocre. After he lost his title, however, the quality of his games improved.

Petrosian had a special talent for prophylaxis. Nobody could do anything against him. As soon as someone began mobilizing their forces for an attack, Petrosian would see their plan and put it to rest. He rarely tried to initiate his own attacks. Often he would think only of his opponent’s plans and stop them, leaving his opponents not knowing what to do. Eventually his antagonist would make some small error and Petrosian would pounce just like a tiger who has been lying in wait for just the right moment. This tendency earned him the name “Tiger”. Petrosian defeated Botvinnik in 1963 to become the World Champion, until his downfall in 1969 to Boris Spassky.

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