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California Courier: Turkey Oppresses Its Christian Minorities

The Agence France Presse, one of the largest news agencies in the world,
reported that despite Turkey’s claims that it has undertaken major reforms
in order to qualify for membership in the European Union, “Turkey’s
Christian [Armenian, Greek and Assyrian] minority is still waiting for
reforms granting it basic rights…. Christians say that reforms on
religious freedoms have made no difference for their 100,000-strong

The AFP quoted Hrant Dink, the outspoken editor of Agos, an Istanbul-based
Armenian newspaper, as saying: “there is absolutely nothing new in everyday
life. Nothing has changed. We are ashamed that it is impossible to resolve
our domestic problems without international pressure.” Dink charged that
the Turkish government’s apparent concessions towards Christians had been
made for the sake of outward appearances and were insincere.
Dink told the AFP that several key reforms – including one authorizing
Christian churches to acquire property – have been adopted in parliament,
but have yet to be put into practice. Furthermore, the AFP reported that
Turkey’s religious minorities are still prohibited from preparing their own
clergy or providing an independent religious education.

With this news report the Agence France Presse exposes the Turkish
government’s sinister plan to give the appearance of carrying out reforms,
without actually implementing or even intending to implement any reforms!

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