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ANKARA: Armenian massacre against Turks from the mouths of witnesses

ANKARA: Armenian massacre against Turks from the mouths of witnesses
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• Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 21:25:53 PDT

Armenian massacre against Turks ‘from the mouths of witnesses’

Turkish Daily News
Aug 15, 2003

ANKARA- In journalist Ali Esref Uzundere’s book published by the
Culture and Tourism Ministry, the genocide and brutality of Armenians
in Igdir between 1917 and 1920 are told with the words of witnesses.

The book called “Humanity Crime; Armenian Massacre against Turks in
Igdir”, is based on the research of Uzuner which he started in 1981 to
bring the massacres and brutality of Armenians in Igdir to light.

The book mentions the historical events on the emergence of the
Armenian problem and its development and displays the massacre of
Armenians against Turks in Igdir by the words of people who witnessed
or lived the massacre personally.

A former Igdir mayor Osman Ataman whose experiences were told in the
book, had been in the Kagizman district of Igdir during the
massacre. He tells his experiences in these days, “One day the
Armenians gathered the prominent people of Kagizman. There were also
some of my relatives among them. They persuaded them with several nice
words, they said, ‘Now we have taken the control together with you. We
will live together as in the past.’ About 110 people believed their
words. Armenians gathered and killed these people in the area which is
now Kagizman Primary School. In the meantime, other Armenians killed
many people in Kulluk and Oba villages in Igdir by stuffing them into
houses, wells…”

They raided Talin towards morning’

Haci Cihangir Deniz, born in Talin which is now outside Turkey, tells
of his experiences of these days in the book, “One night, an Armenian
who was a close friend of my dad, sent his sister to us. His sister
told us that the Armenians were preparing for a raid in Talin. At
night we told the people in Talin about the raid and evacuated the
village. They raided Talin towards morning.” Yusuf Bolu from the
Tasburun Village of Igdir was born in 1892 in Kergaf Village in
Erivan, the capital of Armenia, summarises the massacres in a few
words, “Nobody remained alive in the hands of Armenians. Some people
who achieved to escape, were alive but they lived only 10-15 days
more.” In the book, besides the stories of witnesses, several
photographs and documents on the massacres, arguments of Armenians and
the facts took place.

Esref Uzundere who was born in the Hakveyis Village of Igdir in 1951,
currently works at Uludag University Rectorate, Press and Public
Relations Department.


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