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groong: 48 trespassers detained on Armenia´s border with Turkey, Iran 2003

ITAR-TASS News Agency

August 5, 2003 Tuesday 6:09 AM Eastern Time

YEREVAN, August 5 — A total of 48 trespassers have been detained
on Armenia’s borders with Turkey and Iran since the beginning of
the year, the chief of Russia’s border guards department in Armenia,
Major-General Sergei Bondarev said Tuesday. Last year Russian border
guards detained 77 trespassers, and in 2001, 81.

General Bondarev pointed to a reduction in the number of border
violations. Under an inter-government agreement Russian border guards
keep four detachments in Armenia to protect its border with Turkey
and Iran.

The Russian border guards group also services two checkpoints –
one at Yerevan’s international airport Zvartnots and the other at
the village of Karchevan, the Megrin district, on the border with
Iran. A total of 110,000 people, including 80,000 foreigners have
been through the two checkpoints this year.

Most illegal trespassers carrying forged documents have been using
Yerevan’s international airport.

Russian border guards department units are partially manned by Armenian
conscripts. Currently 400 recruits from Russia and 300 from Armenia
undergo training at the department’s training centers.

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