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Turkish foreign minister Abdullah Gul concluded his official visit to Washington last weekend. Gul and US State Secretary Collin Powel were also supposed to discuss Turkey’s lifting of its transport blockade of Armenia and opening borders, more specifically, Turkey’s reluctance to do so was supposed to be one of the main issues on their meeting agenda’s. Especially, having in mind a recent series of meetings between representatives of influential US-Armenian lobbying organizations and a top Turkey’s official in Washington, during which the US administration demanded removal of a bill from Senate’s consideration that would also recognize indirectly the Armenian genocide if approved.

It appeared that Ankara did not react equally to Washington’s urge to start a process of normalization of its relations with Armenia. Apparently, Armenia-Turkey relations were not in the center of Gul-Powell discussions, as Turkish media has not commented on it yet. This may be evidence of tense negotiations. In any case, the official Ankara is displeased with Washington’s negligence of its ally’s interests in the region, with Americans still unable to “digest’ the frustration caused by Ankara’s refusal to allow deployment of US troops on its north-eastern portions bordering with Iraq. In other words, there are indications of continued tense Turkish-American relations. This may suppose that Armenian authorities may soon feel from US pressure to start normalization of relations with Turkey.

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