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CNN: Pres. Clinton praises Bob Dole for Armenia Support

From July 22, 2003 Larry King Live
(transcript) http://www.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0307/22/lkl.00.html


Bob Dole Turns 80

Aired July 22, 2003 – 21:00 ET

[Host Larry] KING: Before you leave us, what do you think the legacy
of senator Dole will be?

[former President] CLINTON: I think there will be a public legacy
of a man who stood up for his conservative Republican beliefs and
was not only one of the most articulate spokesmen, but clearly the
funniest spokesman his party produced in the last 50 years, maybe
ever. Maybe since Lincoln he’s the funniest Republican. And I think
there’s a personal legacy of a man who refused to let a problem that
could have broken a lot of people break him. Instead, it made him
bigger and better and deeper. And I’ll never forget it.

One other thing I want to say is — another thing I’m grateful to Bob
Dole for is that he cared about all the little people in the world
that may not have any strategic importance to America. The people
in Kosovo, the people in Armenia, people all over the world, little
people. Everybody forgets about them because they don’t come from big
powerful rich countries. They were getting killed and slaughtered,
Bob Dole cared about them. That meant the world to me. So, you know,
I guess I sound like a card-carrying Republican tonight. I love the
guy. I can’t help it. I think he’s great.

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