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groong: Armenian nuclear plant to operate `safely´ for another 14 years

ITAR-TASS news agency, Moscow

20 Jul 03


The Armenian nuclear power plant can safely operate for another 14
years, said on Sunday [20 July] chief of the Armenian state atomic
energy inspection service Ashot Martirosyan. The station’s safety is
in line with all the norms. However, as is the case with all the
nuclear plants of its generation, it needs constant improvement, he

Martirosyan said that measures to raise the security of the Armenian
nuclear power station had been taken before the resumption of its
operation. Periods of the plant’s stoppage have not been set.

The Armenian plant is situated 40 kilometres west of Yerevan and
supplies around 40 per cent of all electricity, generated in the
republic. It was put into operation in 1979. However, it was shut down
in 1989 after a devastating earthquake.

The station was reactivated with assistance from Russian specialists
in 1996, and its second unit resumed the generation of power.

In the meantime, the European Union insists on the earliest closure of
the station and it is ready to appropriate 100m euros for this
purpose. In turn, Armenian Minister of Trade and Economic Development
Karen Chshamarityan said that the station should operate until the
republic is provided with alternative power sources.

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