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groong: PR from Armenian Medical Association

Armenian Medical Association

Tumanyan Str. 38-9,

Yerevan, Armenia

Phone: (3741) 53 48 63

Fax (3741) 53 48 79

Email: conference@armeda.am, info@armeda.am

Web site: http://www.armeda.am

Airway management workshop

The Armenian Medical Association (AMA) is again pleased to inform
you about the Second Young Medics’ International Conference, which
will take place on September 26-28, 2003 in Yerevan, Armenia.

We expect many interesting lectures, courses and workshops in various
clinical and biomedical topics, given by international and local
students and faculty. Scientific session details will be available
soon per your request to this email address or on the AMA web site

Our call for active participation from international faculty met
interested individuals. We received a proposal from Dr. Rafi Avetisian
on organizing an Airway management workshop. Dr. Avetisian is gaining
support for this project in the United States and will visit with a
group of well-known specialists to organize the workshop during the
days of the Conference.

The Organizing Committee of the Second Young Medics’ International
Conference is expressing its pleasure and support for this event. We are
sure that many anesthesiologists, intensive care and other specialists
will benefit from the workshop, which will give them theoretical
knowledge on the subject with hands-on training.

General information about the workshop follows.

Organizers: Dr. Rafi Avetisian

Dr. John Doyle, vice president, “Society for Airway Management”

Number of participants: 20

Duration: two days, six hours a day.


Morning session: 3 hours of lectures and clinical case presentations.
Presentations will be in Microsoft PowerPoint format.

Afternoon session: hands-on training.

Equipment: four stations, one of us in each station.

The participants will be in four groups (five in each), each group
will spend 30 minutes in each station, first five minutes will be
explanatory on how to use the devices, and the following 25 minutes
will be for the participants to do hands-on training (5 minutes each).

Registration: Anesthesiologists with abstract participation on the
conference will be given priority on this workshop.

For more information, email info@armeda.am or visit the web site

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