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tdn: Martyr diplomats commemorated at Cebeci cemetery

Turkish diplomats and foreign ministry officials who lost their lives as a result of terrorist attacks abroad were commemorated with a ceremony held at Cebeci Cemetery in Ankara on Friday.

Thirty-four Turks, including diplomats and their relatives, have lost their lives in terrorist attacks while they were on duty abroad since January 27, 1973.

Attending the ceremony, Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul recalled that Armenian terrorist organizations such as Armenian Army for the Salvation of Armenia (ASALA) and Justice Commandoes of the Armenian Genocide (JCAJ), and Greek terrorist organization November 17 arranged assassination plots against Turkish diplomats in 19 separate countries.

“Our martyrs were killed for only being the honorable representatives of the Turkish Republic. I condemn those who fired bullets at our diplomats for their dark desires,” Gul said.

Gul stated that Turkey has found consolation to a certain extent as the November 17 terrorists were caught and tried.

Stressing that the Turkish nation had no dark pages in its past that would put shame on its current generation, Gul noted that a big tragedy had been experienced in Eastern Anatolia during World War I.

Gul said that both Armenians and Muslims had suffered a lot in that period, but emphasized that it would be no good to incite feelings of revenge and hatred. He called on people to condemn terrorists and erase feelings of hatred and enmity from their calendars.

Ankara – Turkish Daily News

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