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MARCH 6.The presidential runoff election in Armenia were democratic, well-organized and legitime, taking into account the provisions of Armenia’s Electoral Code, say the CIS observers as a result of the monitoring on the March 5 runoff election in the country. Head of the CIS observer mission Yuri Yarov read out this statement today.

According to the statement, the Armenian CEC, state authorities and departments exerted all the measures on holding presidential runoff election in conformity with the international standards and Armenia’s Electoral Legislation. All the organizational, technical and legal prerequisites were created for international monitoring of the election. The recent open TV debates between the two presidential candidates had a positive impact on the improvement of the pre-election situation, the statement says. “In the period between the first and the second rounds of the election, there was definite tension in the country, including statements lacking control made by different representatives of pre-election staffs,” the statement says.

Further in the statement, the CIS observers mention cases of biased press coverage of the pre-election campaign. Besides, the mission fixed several shortcomings in the course of the runoff election. Thus, inaccuracies in electoral lists were not eliminated at several poling stations, as well as there were no examples of the order of ballot paper-filling at a number of polling stations; there were violations revealed in the course of vote calculation, including attempts of infringement of observers’ rights by members of electoral commissions. Several members of commissions were withdrawn from the staffs because of different reasons, in spite of violations of the Electoral Legislation.

However, no mass deviations from the norms of the Electoral Legislation were observed, with several of them having been eliminated at once. On the whole, the CIS observer mission is of the opinion that the above cases had no essential impact on the free expression of the people’s will. At the same time, the results of voting at several electoral districts should be estimated by the CEC RA, taking into account the provisions of the legislation. The CIS observers visited 216 electoral center an districts, as well as a great number of regional electoral commissions in Armenia.

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