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A1+ TV: L. TerPetrosyan as a present for R. Kocharyan

`Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s participation in coming presidential elections
will be a present for Robert Kocharyan’ , politician Suren Zolyan

In that case, the electorate which is going to vote against Robert
Kocharyan, will change its stance, Zolyan says.

‘ Petrosyan’s participation in the presidential elections is more
playing into hands of his supporters. Petrosyan is not able to
abandon participation in elections in the beginning, but he will do
that at certain moment, e.g., when introducing the needed documents
to Central Electoral Committee ‘, Zolyan says.

Zolyan assures the journalists he doesn’t eulogise the present
president but saying `Kocharyan possesses advantage to be re-elected
in the aspect of technology and other factors’ .

The16 parties in opposition won’t take part in the elections with a
common candidate for presidency , Zolyan concluded assessing the
political situation. `They are more interested in holding their
stance in political Olympus’ .

He also thinks `property and power have already been distributed in
Armenia. Presidential and parliamentary elections are simply means to
prove it ‘ .

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