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Ria Oreanda: Citizens of Armenia to Be Conferred Individual Codes and Numbers

Yerevan. Armenian Parliament passed in the third and final reading
the law on individual codes. According to Minister of Social Welfare
of Armenia Razmik Martirosian, after the law is passed each citizen
of Armenia will be given an individual code of 10 characters pointing
to the sex, day, month and year of birth and other additional marks
for identification. The code will be preserved for 400 years.

In the words of the minister, application of such system will allow
to automatize collection and rendering of information, its exchange
in different spheres social security, tax and banking sectors in
particular. The individual number for each citizen will be applied in
the sphere of pensions, allowances, social payments, income
declarations, etc. Razmik Martirosian informed that realization of
the program throughout the republic will start in 2003 and last for
1.5 years.

In the words of Razmik Martirosian, realization of the program will
not require big funds from the state budget, since most expenses are
taken upon by international donor organizations. In particular, USAID
will grant $1.3 million to Armenia for purchase of computers to
introduce the system of individual numbers and codes.

Armenian Parliament passed the law on individual data in the second
reading. In the words of Razmik Martirosian, this law is a supplement
to the law on individual codes. The law on individual data is meant
to regulate all operations and relations connected with individual
information and also citizen’s rights protection.

The law regulates collection, storing and development of individual
data of juridical and natural persons, and also organizations that
don’t have a legal position, state and local self-government bodies.
Razmik Martirosian informed that this law doesn’t extend on
individual data, which are of state secret, and private as well as
family data of natural persons.

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