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TDN: So-called Armenian genocide claims will be taught at schools

The National Education Ministry has decided to teach
issues related to so-called Armenian genocide claims as well as Greek-Pontus and
Assyrians to elementary and high school pupils, starting from this semester. In
this scope history and social studies teachers will be trained.

Some 110 teachers will participate in training that
will take place in Ankara. They will be taught the important points that should
be give attention to when teaching. The book to be used during the studies will
be, the one by Professor Yavuz Ercan from the Faculty of Language and
History-Geography Department of Ankara University called, "Some issues and their
reflections to today during the Ottoman Empire era".

The aim of the curriculum is to make students more
aware of the issues and lobby activities related to "Armenian Genocide Claims".
The issues related to Greek-Pontus and Assyrians are also included in the
project which will be applied to 5 and 7 grade pupils in elementary schools and
all high school pupils.

The five grade pupils will be given information on
"Armenian Genocide Claims" and will be taught the Armenians’ status in Turkey
according to the Lausanne Treaty.

More detailed information will be given to the seven
grade pupils who will be taught the "Oriental Issue" and comprehend the politics
of England, Russia and France in connection with the Ottoman Empire and the
minorities in the Empire (Armenians).

"Why did the Armenians bring up the genocide claims to
the attention of the world again?" and "What are the aims of the Armenian
terrorist organization ASALA’s murders?" are the questions that are going to be
answered during the lessons.

In high schools, more detailed information on Armenians
will be given along with issues relating to "Greek-Pontus and Assyrians".

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