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RIS: Bomb Explodes In Ancient Armenian Monastery In Crimea

A suspect has been found in the explosion of a bomb on the complex of the Surb-Khach men’s monastery in the city of Staryi Krym in southern Ukrainian Crimea. The bomb exploded in the monastery’s guest-house on the night of 30 July 2002 while no one was present. The Russian Information Agency posted the full story on 3 August 2002.

A 65-year-old guard, a resident of Staryi Krym, is under arrest. He is suspected of planting the homemade bomb himself. He was trying to revenge himself on another guard.

Local state authorities were not aware of any interreligious or ethnic conflicts that might have motivated the incident.

The Surb-Khach (Holy Cross) Monastery is a historical and architectural monument founded in 1338 and has recently been returned to the Armenian Apostolic Church. From the 16th to the 18th centuries, it was the main holy place for Armenians in Crimea. Today it has great historical significance for Armenians living outside of Crimea. For many centuries, it was a center of pilgrimage for Armenians .

Source: www.rian.ru

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