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Lraper: Pray For The Peace of Jerusalem


ISTANBUL, 9 April 2002 (“Lraper” Church Bulletin) —
His Beatitude Mesrob II, Armenian Patriarch of Istanbul and All Turkey,
called upon the faithful of the Armenian community to pray for an end to
atrocities in the Holy Land, during a special homily he delivered in the
Holy Resurrection Church last Sunday.

His Beatitude expressed grief for the bloody turn of events that have
engulfed the Holy Land and called upon the leaders to put an end to the
suffering of innocent human lives.

“We feel a deep sorrow over the tragic events in the Middle East these days.
For long years the Holy Land has been the battleground of ruthless struggles
causing immeasurable suffering and death to thousands of people. Too much
human blood has spilled in the name of ‘national security’ or demands for
justice. However the worldwide community of nations and public opinion will
not and cannot approve such atrocities. As the tragic events continue to
unfold, the killing of defenceless people, especially children, is
unjustifiable and inexcusable. Peaceful servants of God in churches,
synagogues, and mosques are under assault and some have lost their lives,
all these in a region that is holy to all three Abrahamic faiths,” stated
the Patriarch.

He then emphatically reiterated the position of the Armenian Patriarchate
regarding violent campaigns. “As in the past, I state it again with greater
urgency: our Patriarchal See decidedly condemns and will continue to condemn
all acts of terrorism and violence regardless who commits them or for
whatever reason.”

His Beatitude offered solemn prayers for the victims of the ongoing conflict
and called upon the faithful to be vigilant in their supplications for
lasting peace in the Holy Land.

The emotionally charged homily concluded with a plea. “We appeal to all
those who share our deep concern over the events in the Holy Land to join us
in prayer for an end to the bloodshed. We offer our prayers to Almighty God
that he may inspire the leaders and peoples on all sides with a spirit of
wisdom, compassion and common sense. May the Lord bless the efforts of all
true peacemakers, creators of dialogue and ambassadors of peace, regardless
of nationality, and may their work bear much fruit,” said the Patriarch.

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