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AZG Newspaper comments on Turk-Armenian Dialogue

AZG Newspaper of Armenia informed its readers about the Turk-Armenian dialogue meeting in Mulheim, with an article by Anahit Hovsepian, in its March 24 issue. Whole article is as follows.


AZG informed earlier that on March 23 the Armenian-Turkish dialogue should start in Evangelical Academy of Mulheim city of Germany, which was organized by German-Armenian association, humanitarian and sociological exchange German-Turkish union and the academy.

Days ago Armenian historians announced about their protest by Radio Liberty that they are not invited to the event. “It’s not as case of neglecting: we treat Armenian scientists with respect, but didn’t send them invitations because of our financial difficulties”,- said the head of German-Armenian association Raffi Kandian, who only invited Turkish specialist Hagop Chackrian from Armenia.

The fact that AZG daily is not posted on Saturdays and Sundays will not allow us to elucidate the event efficiently, but we now inform what essentially is connected with the issue. On March 22 Turkish Hurriyet newspaper touched upon the event- informing that the dialogue aims to ground the Armenian claims concerning the genocide. Some think that Turkey will have to confess the truth, writes the newspaper. But the newspaper of course doesn’t say that before the dialogue starts on Friday, the Turks are going to meet the dialogue participants with a two-hour protest act. The initiators of the action informed about it to the Evangelical Academy and the police.

To our question whether they pin any hopes on the dialogue, the co-chairman of Turkish-Armenian business development committee Kaan Soyak answered that “If we again talk whether the genocide took place or not, we won’t reach anywhere. We shall find a new starting point and talk about helping each other economically”. He didn’t agree with our claim that there is no big demand of Turkish goods in Armenia, and that Armenians are waiting for Turkey’s apology rather than livening up of business ties with it after the French decision. “Turkey will not ask for pardon”, – said Mr. Soyak.

At the dialogue representatives from Hurriyet, Milliyet Turkish newspapers, German WAZ Deutschland Funk, Frankfurter Rundechau and Armenian AZG daily and Orer will be present.

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