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Akarcali: Our western allies are totally hypocritical

Speaking on the 13th anniversary of the Halapja massacre, ANAP deputy Chairman Bulent Akarcali accuses Western allies of being ‘hypocritical’. He stresses that the West needs a detergent called Turkey to clean its ‘dirty conscience’ . Akarcali also told a few words on the Armenian issue, too. Find below his words on this issue.

Akarcali is also known for his fight against the Armenian genocide allegations, both in Turkey and abroad. The reason the so-called Armenian genocide resolutions recently came to western Parliaments one by one was the loss of Turkey’s priorities in the 1990s, says Akarcali. “In the 1980s late President Turgut Ozal during his term as prime minister dealt very closely with the Armenian problem. We met with leading Armenian figures in the United States. Ozal told them that both nations would not benefit from animosity and invited them to create joint history committees to find out what really happened. If the historians find out that there was a genocide perpetrated against Armenians by Ottoman Turks, Ozal said he would do what was needed, even apologizing. But he strongly stressed that if the historians could not reach a genocide conclusion, Armenians would drop all their allegations. He took important steps to finish the Armenian issue once and for all. But then in the early 1990s when ANAP lost power, all priorities changed. I am not only blaming Demirel. Ciller, Inonu, Karayalcin are guilty as well as they all forgot the importance of the issue,” says Akarcali.

Asked why 70 million Turks cannot affectively deal with 5 million Armenians’ allegations, Akarcali gives a plain answer. The Armenian allegations are not a major priority for Turkey. “Armenia is a nation that faces the potential danger of being assimilated, particularly for those living in the West. Armenians abroad, like Devechian, who is playing at political prostitution in France over the so-called Armenian genocide, have supported the terrorist ASALA group just to prevent Armenians from being assimilated. They already admit this fact. They openly state that after ASALA’s terrorist attacks many young Armenians start learning Armenian and attending Armenian schools,” indicates Akarcali.

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