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Armenian problem resolved through payout

Unemployed youth agreed to play Armenian soldiers in a reenactment of the liberation of Pasinli only when paid

The district of Pasinli in Erzurum celebrated the 83rd anniversary of its liberation from Armenian occupation yesterday, the Anatolia news agency reported. Unemployed youth were to play the role of Armenians in a reenactment of the liberation but at first refused to do so. Eventually, the Mayor of Pasinli Bunyamin Ucun agreed to pay each one TL 10 million. “We had no other choice,” he said. The youths paraded in front of the visitors’ stand dressed as Armenians before being chased out of the district by other Turks, who subjected them to a long beating with sticks.

Speaking at the festivities, Mayor Ucun said that 83 years previously Ataturk’s army had liberated Pasinli from the clutches of the Armenians, who had wanted to form a state on Turkish soil. He condemned France’s acceptance of the Armenian genocide bill and said that it would still not alter the historical facts.

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