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Wanted: ‘so-called’ Armenians for bayoneting

According to an article that appeared on the newspaper Hürriyet today, for the ceremony of salvation of Erzurum from the invasion of enemy, nobody accepted to act as an Armenian eventhough it is just an act. The full article is as below…

83. annual ceremony for the salvation of Erzurum from the invasion of the enemy that will be held on 12th of March broke out a crisis, because the symbolic bayoneting of the Armenian bands came into the picture again. Erzurum city mayor Mahmut Uykusuz of MHP, announced that the symbolic bayoneting of Armenians is again in the ceremony schedule this year after a 5 years quit. However the muncipality labor reacted to the bayoneting act telling that “We won’t be Armenians, even if it is just an act.” Mayor Uykusuz mentioning that they will do anything for having a splendid ceremony this year, added that “Conferences will attract great interest. After a long time, the cleansing of Erzurum from Armenian bands will be visualized. We will search for volunteers from the staff first. If no use, we will assign people duties. Also we won’t pay any extra salary. We already have some problems with this. It affects one deeply that the people of Erzurum lost their ancestors in those years. This has to be visualized.”

Decision of Mayor Uykusuz to assign duties to staff echoed in the Muncipality. First objectors are firemen who suggested that they don’t want to be “the bayoneted Armenian”. Fire-Department staff Mahir Guven, Kurbani Sefil, Hüseyin Bozkaya and Hakki Uzunoglu told that “We don’t want to be Armenians in the salvation ceremony. We don’t want to perform as Armenians even if they pay us 1 billion Turkish Lira each. We don’t want to be the subject of rumors in our own districts. Let the ceremonies be without bayoneting Armenians.”

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